Considering stay home stay safe orders, we as music therapists are having to be extra-creative in our approaches. Not only are we reformatting our implementation, but we are also having to reconsider how our clients can stay instrumentally active during our virtual sessions. In traditional (in-person) settings, music therapists provide the necessary music instruments for the length of each session. However, with Telehealth, we are virtually present– not physically present. Therefore, we are unable to easily provide music instruments for our clients to use. This is an area in which we get to be especially innovative. The following home-ready music instruments have been researched, brainstormed, and/or personally used in my sessions/lessons. Also, click HERE to view a student-age focused improvisation intervention using household items as music instruments.     

Drum, Drumsticks & Rhythm Sticks:

  • Baking Sheet (a personal favorite)
  • Clean Paint Sticks
  • Plastic Bowl (a personal favorite)
  • Plastic Plate
  • Plastic Spoons (a personal favorite)
  • Pots & Pans (a personal favorite)
  • Wooden Spoons


  • Sealed Container of Oats
  • Sealed Container of Popcorn Kernels 
  • Sealed Sprinkles Bottle (a personal favorite)


  • Fashion Scarf (a personal favorite)
  • Hand Towel (a personal favorite)
  • Wash Cloth


  • Plastic Hairbrush
  • Plastic Spoon
  • Wooden Spoon

What home-ready instruments can you find in your home?