One of the most popular questions that piano teachers hear from parents and caregivers is “how old does my child need to be to start piano lessons?” Guess what? Parents and caregivers are going to like this answer!

Several factors may be considered, however, because each child develops at different rates and interest does play a huge role in attention span, there is NO HARD-FAST RULE as to what age a child needs to be in order to begin piano lessons! 

So, what factors should be considered? The following briefly outlines three key factors.

FACTOR #1– Interest. Do they like singing or dancing along to music? Do they independently choose to play with musical toys or explore musical instruments? A little interest in the subject really does go a long way!

FACTOR #2– Hand Size & Finger Dexterity. Can they easily touch five adjacent white piano keys? Can they move their fingers independently? Bring out the finger paints or ask them to point to specific pictures in books. Utilize such activities to assess finger dexterity. 

FACTOR #3– Sight Reading vs Ear Training. A common factor considered is whether or not prospective piano students are able to read. However, it is important to know that if they are not currently reading, they may be able to begin piano lessons with an aural focus, incorporating sight reading at a later point. So, don’t let this factor stop you from consulting a piano teacher! 

With these three factors in mind, schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation with A Suite Sound. See if now is the right time for your child to begin piano lessons! 







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