While there is an overwhelming plethora of options for when it comes to buying a piano, paying attention to the following details can help you make the right decision more easily.

What are your options?

There are four basic options for you to choose from when making your purchase:

  • An Acoustic Piano. This instrument creates a unique sound with authentic strings and wood that cannot be replicated otherwise. Therefore, an acoustic piano is always preferable to a digital piano or keyboard.
  • A Digital Piano. With weighted keys and touch-sensitivity, a digital piano closely emulates the sound and feel of an acoustic piano. 
  • An Electronic Piano/Keyboard. It is important to note that an electronic piano/keyboard will most likely not have weighted keys, touch-sensitivity or all 88 keys. However, they do have additional sounds.
  • A Hybrid Piano. A hybrid piano has acoustic and digital piano features. 

What brands are recommended?

When completing research, you will come across various piano brands and models. However, a few highly recommended brands and models include the following:

  • Casio Privia
  • Yamaha P45
  • Roland RP102

How much money will a piano cost?

Prices of pianos vary greatly and it is ultimately your decision on how much you want to spend. However, the following brands and models with generalized price ranges are a few recommendations to consider.  

Casio Privia Around $650 – $1200
Yamaha P45Around $600
Roland RP102Around $1,000

Where should you shop? 

You may shop online or in-store at an authorized retailer, but keep in mind that it’s a good idea to personally test out the piano before making your final purchase. Here are a few stores to begin browsing:

What are ideal features to remember?

While shopping, keep the following ideal features in mind:

  • Full-size Keyboard: 88 keys.
  • Graded Hammer Action: A small hammer and lever system used to replicate acoustic piano hammer action with more resistance in playing the low keys when compared to playing higher keys. *Note: Although weighted keys are preferable to unweighted keys, graded hammer action is preferable to weighted keys.
  • Touch Sensitivity: Producing a louder sound when pressed with more force and a softer sound when pressed with less force.
  • Weighted Keys: Balanced weight across low and high keys. *Note: Although weighted keys are preferable to unweighted keys, graded hammer action is preferable to weighted keys.







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