What an exciting year 2021 posed! Not only have we continued to welcome new private clients, but we have additionally introduced new services— such as ukulele lessons, Suite Sounds in the Park, our Birthday Party Package, and we have begun contracting our services to facilities. Let’s take a closer look….

  • JANUARY: We celebrated our FIRST ANNIVERSARY with a discount, a giveaway, videos, and SUITE cookies! CLICK HERE to learn more about this celebration. 
  • MARCH: We celebrated WORLD MUSIC THERAPY DAY with a discount, and music therapy descriptions via our social media platforms. CLICK HERE to learn more about music therapy.
  • APRIL: We introduced SUITE SOUNDS IN THE PARK! We have had a blast learning through various themes including— but not limited to— In the Garden, On the Farm, All About Autumn, and In the Kitchen! CLICK HERE to learn more about this service.
  • MAY: Crystal D. Lile, MT-BC spoke at the SWAMTA* 2021 Regional Online Conference on “Creating an Adjudicated Event Inclusive of Students in Adapted Piano Lessons.” CLICK HERE to learn more about this. 
  • JULY: We announced our PARTNERSHIP with Shine Behavioral with focus on providing music therapy and adapted piano lesson services to their clients. CLICK HERE to learn more about Shine. Additionally, we introduced our BIRTHDAY PARTY PACKAGE and have had so much fun celebrating birthdays through different themes including whales, dinosaurs, and jungle animals! CLICK HERE to learn more about this service.
  • OCTOBER: We introduced Bloom Darling Digital as our Marketing Consultant who have done a phenomenal job of communicating with our social media community! CLICK HERE to learn more about Bloom Darling Digital’s services.
  • NOVEMBER: We hosted a PIANO FESTIVAL inclusive of our students enrolled in adapted piano lessons. We are so grateful to the many people who made this event not only possible, but also a success. CLICK HERE to view our reel, A Suite Sound Festival. 
  • DECEMBER: We ended the year celebrating our students’ musical talent with a RECITAL—what a joy this was! CLICK HERE to view the particularly SUITE way we celebrated our performers!

As important and fun it has been to reflect on this past year, we are already so excited for all that’s to come in 2022! Be sure to subscribe to our blog and connect with us on Instagram and Facebook to stay in touch with A Suite Sound.


*Southwestern Region of the American Music Therapy Association