Five Things to Consider When Buying a Ukulele


The ukulele is a great first instrument to learn to play as it is oftentimes considered to be a simpler instrument. In fact, A Suite Sound loves to teach both traditional and adapted ukulele lessons to its students, as it is both fun and approachable for all ages and skill levels. 

However, questions can quickly arise when considering just exactly what ukulele to start with. Here are a few quick guidelines to help you make the right decision for you or your loved one.

  1. What are your options?

Here is a list of the main ukulele models:

  1. Soprano 
  2. Concert (compromise of soprano and tenor)
  3. Tenor
  4. Baritone
  5. Bass

Ukulele size is paired with the size’s tone and application. Note that the soprano ukulele is the original, standard and popular size. Therefore, for the purpose of this blog post, we will solely be focusing on soprano ukuleles.


  1. What brands are recommended?

When shopping for soprano ukuleles, you may see many different brands, however, the following are a few highly recommended brands:

Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele: $79


Enya: Average price = $62.00


Hola! Music HM-21GN Soprano Ukulele Bundle : Average price = $30 – $75


Kala: Average price = About $67.00


Lanikai: Average price = Around $100.00 – $400.00



Mahalo MR1 Soprano Ukulele: $45     


  1.   How much money will a ukulele cost?

Like with anything, the more money that’s invested into an item, the higher the quality will be. A great place to start is to check out the brands above, then go to your local Guitar Center or other music store and play them to get a feel for the quality and sound! Many stores will sell beginner bundles (such as the Hola! Music one previously mentioned) that include the ukulele, a bag or case, picks, strings, straps, and tuners. These are a great option as well to get you started with everything you need!

  1.   Where should you shop? 

West Music:

Amazon (linked on the options above):

Guitar Center:


  1.   What are ideal features to remember?
  1. Size
  2. Tuning (soprano will have a lighter and less resonant tone compared to a baritone)
  3. Cost (quality for the price)
  4. Best option for your skill level and needs

From understanding the types of ukuleles, to learning about recommendations, as well as the logistics such as costs, stores, and ideal features, hopefully you now feel better equipped to make an informed purchase. For more information, feel free to contact us. In addition, we offer ukulele lessons both in person and virtually! Click here to find out more!



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