{TEN} Music Theory “Survival Tips” As part of completing Music Theory Level IV, my classmates and I were asked by our professor to each write a letter to incoming music students on “survival tips” for music theory courses. Because my second goal for A Suite Sound is to encourage and support my fellow musicians– including music students, I thought it would be a good idea to share my ideas here in hopes that music theory students of all levels might…

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What is music therapy?

What is music therapy? While completing some research, I came across the following quote…. “One of the biggest problems when I hire a young music therapist right out of school… [is that] they’re not sharing why they’re doing [music therapy]. It’s like…’I don’t even understand what the therapist is doing with the client and it seems like a waste of time.’ Then I observe and I’m like, ‘No it’s actually spot on.’ But it’s like they’re not communicating” (Smith, 2018).…

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